Forum Acusticum Euronoise 2025


Please, kindly note that it is mandatory to submit a paper in order to present your work at FA2025.

Papers should be submitted as PDF files. The file size should not exceed 25 MB. To avoid erroneous layout changes, please save the documents’ drafts in .doc (i.e., not in .docx) and then in the final PDF version. Since the MW Equation Editor is disabled for .doc files, equations should be inserted as images. In particular, we recommend opening an empty .docx file, writing the equations using the same font as the Forum Acusticum template, and then copying and pasting the equations inside the final .doc file.

The authors can submit for the EAA FA2025 Conference either a short paper from 2 to 4 pages or a long paper of maximum 8 pages, all written in English, and not previously published.

The templates in Word and LaTeX for the short and long paper can be downloaded below:


All papers must be compliant with the formatting guidelines provided in this template for papers indexing purposes and timely reviews. Any paper that varies from this format will be returned to the author(s) for re-formatting using the presented guidance. Only papers conforming to the template guidelines will be included in the proceedings.